Logos Quiz Answers Level 6 – This is all the answers for the logo quiz for iPhone game.  Get the logo quiz answers and cheat yourself to the next level.


This guide will help you pass the level 6 of the logo quiz iPhone application.  If your looking for a easy guid and walkthrough check these easy answers out.  These answers explain the shape of the logo and you will easily be able to get the right answer and the right brand name to the right logo.  Sometimes you just can’t find the right answer to the logo shape, but with this easy guide you will find all the answers for the level 6 SIX.  Read bellow for all the answers.

Here is the Logo Quiz Answers Level 6 For iPhone App

Purple rectangle and “M” = MILKA

Red circle “T” letter and stars = TEXACO

Simply a “b” letter = BIRDHOUSE

Black rectangle with ‘A’ letter with some dots on the sides = MAC

Blue Round like shape with silver border D and S letters = LADA

A red border forms an hexagon And a “T” letter inside = KRAFT

A triangle and green border with red triangle inside = ALITALIA

‘c’ and ‘h’ letters form the logo = CACHAREL

‘W’ letter and six orange rectangles make a flower like design in a radius design = WALMART

‘S’ letter with leaves design surrounding = SHERATON

Six circle with six different colors = BT

Circle with green and blue inside and = STUMBLEUPON

Red circle shape with a red swan silhouette inside = STABILO

Circle black with a white star shape inside = MONT BLANC

Two grey rectangles and a curvy red shape = CITI

Two blue diamonds form this logo = UMBRO

‘E’ letter with mandarin chinese characters form the logos = ZTE

Three leaves colored; green, blue, and orange = IBERDROLA

Orange square with ‘H’, ‘E’ and ‘T’ inside it to form the logo = HOME DEPOT

Green rectangle and four stars inside = BNP PARIBAS

Red circle with ‘c’ for the logo = CNET

A brown crown forms the Rolex logo = ROLEX

Blue rectangle shape and a man holds a racket silhouette inside seen = ATP

Three keys design only form the logo = UBS

Orange thunderbolt = GATORADE

Black rectangle with Orange shape that has 3 curvy lines = HANKOOK

A circle with three colors; orange, dark blue, and red = REPSOL

Orange Drop Shape or design = MAGGI

A red oval shape with ‘b’ letter inside it = BUGATTI

A blue shape that looks like it is covering something about it = SSANGYONG

Blue circle with ‘g’ and ‘e’ letters form this logo = GENERAL ELECTRICS

A Blue circle with Square cube shape inside = CHINA MOBILE

You can get the next answers for Logos Quiz Answers Level 6 Part 2 .  Check or search for the next post for the next answers!  Thank you for reading Logos Quiz Answers Level 6.


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