Logos Quiz Answers Level 4 – Get all the answers, cheats, walkthrough for the logo quiz game level 4 designs for iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Logo Quiz Answers

logos quiz game level 4 is a great game that allows you to guess the logos for each design and each logo image.  Sometimes it gets very challenging and sometimes you might need a little help!  You are in the right place.  These are all the answers for the logo quiz level 4.

First we give the design, and then the brand as the answer.  You can download the game for your iPhone, or iPad.  Its great fun and when you need help, come here to get the answers!  If you look at our other posts, you can find the other answers to all the other logos quiz levels.

  • Orange icon and white logo in Center – GALP
  • Blue circle and 2 waves form a love symbol – ROXY
  • Red background with smiling old man  – KFC 
  • A white mountain with stars around the top – PARAMOUNT
  • Orange circle with a flying bird inside it – LUFTHANSA
  • “B” letter formed by two black circles – BREIL
  • Red triangle with a “B” – BRIDGESTONE
  • A logo with 9 blue triangle s and seven other white triangles – TDK
  • Circle with B, Y, and R letters inside it – BAYER
  • Two soccer balls and a globe – FIFA
  • Orange colored Oval frame – HAAGEN DAZS
  • Two flags, one colored black-white dominating with its colors – CORVETTE
  • Red background with a quarter of circle in it – NORTH FACE
  • Silver circle lining around with maroon color – FIAT
  • Red circle with black and grey border line – LUCKY STRIKE
  • 2 (two) BOLD font “H” and sometimes a “2″ – HUMMER
  • At the end  there is “E” and red triangle by it – AIR FRANCE
  • Blue colored 2 (two) double ‘R’ – RYANAIR RYAN AIR
  • Red square with white ‘L’ letter in it – LEGO
  • Red round sphere with grey line cris-crossing on it like a “X” – XEROX
  • Dominating yellow and green flower graphic logo – BP
  • Blue color circle with a Z letter – ZURICH
  • Black color cube – ANIC
  • Brown colored octagon – MG
  • Double 2 face faced to face circle with 1/2 half and a black background – DOLBY
  • Red round oval with ‘Dr’ letter s in it as logo – DR PEPPER
  • Yellow rectangle & ‘L’ letter in it and also sometimes bold “DHL” letters – DHL
  • Blue Square shape and ‘O’ letter in with ‘F’ in the middle of the blue – FOSTERS FARMS
  • Yellow rectangle with white strips inside and ‘N’ letter – NIKON
  • A blue rectangle with a ‘G’ letter in it – GAP
  • Silhouette of the name HERTZ with ‘H’ letter forming the hertz logo – HERTZ
  • Simple only a ‘S’ letter – SEGA
  • Double ‘T’ and ‘L’ letters forming logo – GILLETTE
  • Curved arrow curving and sometimes saying “burton” snowboard – BURTON
  • Orange graphic emblem with ‘gsk’ letter initial s in it as logo – GLAXO SMITH KLINE

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