Logos Quiz Answers Level 2 – This is for Logos Quiz Answers Level 2 for your iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Logo Quiz Answers

The logo quiz game is a great game that allows you to guess the logos for each design and each logo image.  Sometimes it gets very challenging and sometimes you might need a little help!  You are in the right place.  These are all the answers for the logo quiz level 2.  First we give the design, and then the brand as the answer.  You can download the game for your iPhone, or iPad.  Its great fun and when you need help, come here to get the answers!  If you look at our other posts, you can find the other answers to all the other logos quiz levels.

  • Gold & brown shield = ups
  • Gold rectangle = imdb
  • Gold cross = chevrolet
  • Blue rectangle and white N = nivea
  • Red star and plants underneath rectangle = heineken
  • Red oval and other ovals inside = toyota
  • Black circle and a face in it = olay
  • Silver h inside the rectangle = honda
  • Blue square with white color inside = linkedin
  • Red animal with horns inside the shield = dodge
  • Red C that trails off into distance = coca cola
  • White y letter inside the purple circle logo = yahoo
  • Blue circle outlined in gold and english flag with snake = alfa romeo
  • Wings with a green rectangle inside of it = aston martin
  • Blue circle and red lines with the white dots = nasa
  • Blue and silver outline = ford
  • Black circle with white circle inside and green arrow shape with wing = skoda
  • Black D with red arrow =dunlop
  • Blue K and L = kleenex
  • 3 (Three) black lines with one straight and two curved in the end = atari
  • Yellow arrow with red “BURGER” for the logo = in n out.
  • Blue rectangle with yellow oval inside = ikea
  • Blue 1/2  rectangle with a cut diagonal and white P = sap
  • Red outlining a blank A = adobe
  • Red rectangle with white ‘s = campbells
  • Colourful fanned out shape = nbc
  • Circle with red white & blue colors = pepsi
  • Red modified s for motorcycle and automobile brand = suzuki
  • White “N” inside blue and black circle = netscape
  • Black & orange shield with rectangle and “motor company” as seen = harley davidson
  • Yellow rectangle with the black horse as a logo = ferrari
  • Blue square with X with a red line crossing each other  = axa
  • Blue P and c that saying “ideas for life” by it is = panasonic
  • Black rectangle with white square on left and red square is = tommy hilfiger
  • Colourful S with Red P standing up under = playstation
  • Black “y” logo = sony
  • Black vertical lines that are different sizes is = cisco
  • Red rounded rectangle with the N inside = nintendo
  • Black shape and gold with red ship inside = rover.
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We have the best and easiest answers taken from the web, but all these answers can be found most anywhere for Logos Quiz Answers Level 2.

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